Words that empower: FLAWLESS

Words and art are empowering. They motivate and inspire us to push ourselves forward during tough times. Or when things are going well, they can remind us of our hard earned successes. 

Jeweled Walls

"Flawless" is a word that I like to serve as a reminder of pushing myself to do the very best in all I do. I may not do everything perfect or be perfect, but I will always aim to be flawless.
In the infamous words of Beyoncé:
You wake up, flawless... Post up, flawless... Ridin' round in it, flawless...  Flossin' on that, flawless... This diamond, flawless... My diamond, flawless... This rock, flawless... My Roc, flawless


Shop for our  framed "Flawless" wall print in White or Black Diamonds in our Jeweled Wall Collection and have your walls "drippin' in ice." 


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